WaitHappy  Mission Control - Easy Wait List Management

WaitHappy Mission Control - Easy Wait List Management Software For Restaurants

Control Your Customer Experience

WaitHappy Mission Control is cloud based software that helps restaurants manage their wait lists, tables, comment cards, and customer experience to ensure your customers are happy, because as we all know, Happy Customers Come Back.

Mission Control features include:

  • tn-waitnames

    Wait List Management

    Free your host staff from paper wait lists and those pesky patron inquiries! Instead, give them the easy-to-use tools to increase business, improve efficiency, and manage remote wait list additions.

  • tn-notifications

    Streamline Notifications

    Kill those expensive, short range pagers! Instead, unleash your patrons to window shop and notify them anywhere with enhanced mobile push and text notifications to their mobile phones.

  • tn-tables

    Table Management

    Easily customize your restaurant preferences and table setup to manage seating fequency and time, table status, patron assignments, and more!

  • tn-reservations

    Reservations & To-Go

    Fully customize your WaitHappy business with the ability to streamline your restaurant’s reservations and to-go orders processing.

  • tn-feedback

    Closed Loop Comment Cards

    Automatically send comment cards for honest feedback about your staff, your menu, the experience, and more. Straight from them to you!

  • tn-mc-specials

    Promotions & Specials

    Lose the chalkboard and easily manage your restaurant’s dish of the day, bar specials, discounted items, kids eat free programs, and more!

  • tn-metrics

    Deeeeeep Analytics

    Tired of guessing? Get the right answers at the right time to know what kind of traffic your organization should expect, how efficient your wait program is, when to expect the rush, and more!

  • tn-hardware

    Hardware Independence

    WaitHappy is built to be simple and runs on ANY desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device. Forget about any pesky upgrades and downloads too. If you have access to internet you are on your way!

  • tn-biz-logic

    Custom Business Logic & Notifications

    WaitHappy allows you to setup your business dozens for different ways with separate manager and hosting accounts, custom guest and manager notifications, and more.

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