Why should we use WaitHappy instead of our current method?

The vast majority of existing waitlist methods are in place to make the wait list process easier for the business without any regard for the customer experience. Additionally the user experience ends as soon as the patron is sat. WaitHappy provides a true end-to-end system that gives your customers the tools they need to engage with your business, enjoy your businesses products and services, and provide valuable “closed loop” feedback so you can keep your clients coming back for more.

FREE? Come on really?
Yes, really!
Mission Control is completely free for any business.  It will provide enhanced wait list functionality, table management, FOH reports and more.  This FREE plan is great for business with existing pager systems or who simply want to kick the tires a little bit. The only thing not included in Mission Control are the mobile paging, comment cards, and advanced manager customization tools – these are included in Mission Control Plus (but it is still CHEAP!).
What if I already have a pager system to notify my guests that their table is ready?
Not a problem!

WaitHappy Mission Control can work side-by-side any existing pager system. There is special place for notes for each patron where you can list the pager number.

It is important to know however, that at the end of the day the cost of pagers is expensive and unnecessary – so while WaitHappy’s Mission Control does support pagers, we strongly suggest slowing migrating over to Mission Control Plus’s very versatile notification system where you can utilize your customers’ mobile phones instead of pagers to control the 360 degree customer experience.



How much will Mission Control Plus cost me per month?
Mission Control Plus pricing is simple – 10 cents per party sat through the WaitHappy Mission Control Plus platform. Costs will vary based how many parties flow through Mission Control so estimating costs becomes easier the more you use WaitHappy as you can utilize its rich data reporting to view party quantities on any given day.

Below is an estimated monthly spend to help you get a sense for anticipated costs per month. If you do not know how many parties are served through your wait list each month, WaitHappy is a great place to get that data and plan accordingly. Bulk pricing for franchises is also available – please contact us for additional details.

Parties Sat Per Month Via Mission Control Plus 100 200 500 750 1000 1500 2500 3000
Mission Control Cost FREE Forever!
Notification Costs
($10 per 100 parties)
$10.00 $20.00 $50.00 $75.00 $100.00 $150.00 $250.00 $300.00


Getting Started

What kind of training is involved for my staff?
Honestly, staff should be able to get up and running on WaitHappy’s basic functionality in under 10 minutes – it’s that easy. This being said, WaitHappy is very flexible so establishing up front what business rules your establishment should use could be helpful.

What kind of hardware is required?
One of the main advantages of WaitHappy over other vendors is hardware independence. You can use almost any laptop, desktop, tablet, or smart phone – all you need is internet access and you are on your way to customer satisfaction.  Even better, because WaitHappy is web based there is no need to synch devices like other vendors require – simply go about your business, add as many devices as you want, and enjoy the simpler and more efficient system.
What happens if a guest doesn't have a smart phone?
By design, WaitHappy is built to gracefully degrade from users with the app, to users with smartphones, to users without smart phones, to users with no phones.  No matter how you want to run your wait or what hardware your guests bring to the table (pun intended), WaitHappy has you covered.


After Installation

What happens to my wait list if I lose internet connection?
Don’t fret.
Your data is still safe and can be accessed by any device that has access to the internet through a data plan (iPad, iPhone, Android, etc). If your business has unreliable internet service or you just want to be 100% sure that connectivity isn’t lost, we strongly suggest that you purchase hardware that has a 3G or 4G data plan which will ensure connectivity even if your wifi breaks down.

Worst case scenario, you could pick up any smartphone and utilize its data plan to view and manage the wait lists.

What happens to any names remaining on the list at the end of the night?
All patron information will live in the Archive once their party has been sat so that the data can be utilized by WaitHappy’s robust analytics + reporting package. All patron personal data securely stored and kept private. Table states and seating counts can easily be cleared at the end of each day or shift through the easy to use “Clear All Tables” and “Clear Seating Count” buttons within the Tables view.
What if someone on the list doesn't check-in to confirm their WaitHappy listing?
WaitHappy is all about flexibility.
With this in mind your business can handle this situation several different ways – choose the best approach for your business. Some sample business rules that might work for your business would be:

  • STRICT: If a user does not show up, business users can easily just delete the record from the list. Once deleted those records cannot be retrieved so the user will have to be re-added to the list and will show up at the bottom of the list unless the business modifies the arrival time to put them closer to the top of the list.
  • STANDARD: If a user does not check in with the specified window of time, your business can simply “Archive” the user. If the user then shows up, you can simply go to the Archive screen and “Un-Archive” the user.  At that point, you can add them back onto the list where ever you feel is appropriate.
  • LOOSE: Normal WaitHappy patrons will provide their phone number as part of getting added to the list. If a patron does not show up to a notification or check-in, your business can simply call the user to see if they are parking the car, on their way, changed their mind, etc.

Will customers avoid my business if they can see we are on a wait?
We asked the experts!
Top university research shows that patrons do not mind waiting at businesses so long as they have confidence that the business is effectively managing their wait. As a matter of fact, these studies were used to help guide the development of WaitHappy’s service offerings.

When users have an awareness of the situation (i.e. knowing how long they have waited, being able to see where they are on the list, knowing the wait is managed fairly, etc.) and confidence that the hosting staff is managing the wait effectively (i.e. quoting accurate wait times, managing confirmations and tables efficiently, etc.) it is unlikely that patrons will avoid your business – our experience shows that a positive wait experience actually increases business. WaitHappy provides all of the tools required to have long wait times and actually increase your customer satisfaction.

Additionally, if your business allows remote wait list additions through the WaitHappy Time Traveler App you can enable your patrons to get on the list before they arrive at your establishment to make sure they aren’t wasting their time by travelling to your business only to find a lack of parking and a long line out the door. To help with this, we strongly recommend informing your guests that they can add themselves to the list remotely (much like you would for call ahead wait list additions). Each time a guest checks in without using the Time Traveler app, it is an opportunity to recommend the Time Traveler app to the guest to encourage them to get on the list more easily next time and minimize their wait – which is directly proportionate to both their satisfaction and the experience.

What happens if a guest doesn't have a mobile phone or doesn't want to give out their number?
Great question!
Phone numbers are optional for patrons, so you do not have to collect them when you add users to the list. You will need to take note of what they are wearing in the user notes to grab them or call them by name when their table is ready.  Additionally you can always tell them to download the WaitHappy Time Traveler app, create and account, and add themselves through there.  This will keep their phone number private and also let them see their place on the list.
Can I send customers comment cards if we are not on a wait?
Man, you’re good!
The beauty of the WaitHappy system is that it is a closed loop system — meaning that comment cards will only be available to customers who have actually dined at your restaurant. The only way to control this is to require a phone number and seat the patron in your organization. This will, for example, keep waiters from “baking” their own comment cards OR a mean person from leaving more than one negative comment card per experience. So this approach keeps your feedback true and not diluted with false feedback.

We are working on alternative systems that will keep the same level of honesty for when your business is not on a wait — stay tuned!!

What happens if WaitHappy's web server/services go down?
Another great question!
WaitHappy’s infrastructure lives and breaths on the cloud in the same infrastructure that Pintrest, foursquare, Etsy, Shazam, and Yelp! live on. We also use the premier notification service available which is monitored 24/7. You are on in good hands so rest easy with WaitHappy.
What if I have a question that is not listed here?
Have no fear.
Simply visit our support form and pepper us with any questions you need answered to feel comfortable moving forward or continuing the WaitHappy customer happification process. Like you, we love our customers and will do what it takes to earn your undying loyalty each and every day.


Mobile – Time Traveller App

Do I have to register my app?
Registration is not necessary to use the Time Traveler app. It is only required if you want to add yourself to a participating restaurant’s wait list. By registering, we can tie your mobile phone’s unique identifier to your phone number and push notify you instead using text notification.
Why would I need to re-activate my app?
Re-activation is only required if you 1) upgrade/switch mobile phones, 2) delete and re-install the app, and/or 3) want to log n to your account from another user’s phone. Re-activation simply allows our systems to ensure when you add your self to wait lists we can communicate correctly to your phone.